Technology research and development

1.Our company has an excellent technology development team, be focus on the world advanced technology, to provide more appropriate and comprehensive technology solutions.
2.Ourcompany has the advanced design methods: comprehensive use of AutoCad software, SolidWorks 3d design software, CFD three-dimensional fluid flow simulation system software.
3.Our company continuing to pour money into a high cost to constantly improve the level of product technology development, make the productdevelop in high temperature, low temperature, high efficiency, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, high reliability, large scale and specialized direction.

Manufacturing process

Shenyang No.1 Pump Co.,Ltd established a complete manufacturing system, fully realizing the automatic production and processing, product quality is stable and reliable.

Quality assurance

Shenyang No.1 Pump Co.,Ltd established a perfect quality assurance system, with various and  all kinds of testing equipment and methods, make the management goal of "quality is the enterprise life" achieve.

Assembly test

Outstanding ability in assembly and testing , we have the assembly workshops and advanced test-beds to adapt to the different products , fully guaranteeing the performance and operational quality of the unit.

Customer service

1.Our company established a perfect and customer-centric service system, provides comprehensive services of pre-sales consulting, sale support, after-sale maintenance.
2.Pre-sales consulting services: technical consulting, product selection, technology scheme optimization.
Sale support services: technical documents submitted, project docking, the process control
After-sales maintenance services: installation guide, tracing debugging, maintenance instructions and training.