Backup industrial pump switching method


Before starting the standby pump, firstly, it is necess […]

Before starting the standby pump, firstly, it is necessary to confirm that the spare parts of the spare pump meet the requirements. The measuring instruments are complete, the motor and the pump are fixed, and then the lubrication of the standby pump is checked to ensure that the magnetic pump is well lubricated and the lubricating oil has not deteriorated. Need to check to confirm that the rotating parts of the pump are flexible and free of jams, and the steering of the motor must be consistent with the steering indicated by the pump.

After the preparation work is started, the pump personnel close the outlet valve and completely open the inlet valve, turn on the power supply, wait for the ammeter pointer to return to the rated value, the pump operation is normal, and the outlet pressure is stable above the rated value. Slowly open the outlet valve. Then check the sealing condition thoroughly, whether the temperature, sound, vibration and serial quantity of the pump and motor are normal, and whether the indications of the pressure gauge and the flow meter are sensitive and accurate.

Slowly open the outlet valve of the standby pump and slowly close the outlet valve of the pump to be switched. During this process, the current, pressure and flow of the two pumps should be observed. The switching process should be stable and avoid fluctuations in operation. When the pressure and flow rate of the starting pump meet the requirements, the pump that has been switched can be stopped, and the work after stopping the pump can be done according to the normal steps.