Fine pump industry analysis pump selection principle


When designing equipment, the design institute should d […]

When designing equipment, the design institute should determine the pump's purpose and performance parameters and select the pump type. This choice begins with choosing the type and form of the pump. So what is the principle to choose the pump? What is the basis?
1. Make the type and performance of the selected pump meet the requirements of process parameters such as flow, lift, pressure, temperature, NPSH, and suction.
2, must meet the requirements of the media characteristics
For pumps that transport flammable, explosive, toxic or valuable media, it is required to be reliable or use Shanghai Jingyu leak-free pump, such as magnetic drive pump (without shaft seal, indirectly driven by isolated magnetic force)
For pumps that transport corrosive media, corrosive materials such as fluoroplastic corrosion resistant pumps are required for convection components.
For pumps containing solid particulate media, it is required that the convection component be made of wear-resistant material, and if necessary, the shaft seal should be flushed with a cleaning liquid.
3. Mechanical requirements require high reliability, low noise, and low vibration.
4. Calculate the input cost of pump procurement correctly.
Basic selection reference:
5. When transporting highly corrosive media (such as "concentrated sulfuric acid, concentrated nitric acid"), when transporting inflammable and explosive media, and when the use environment must not have any pollution: use the fine pump pump, such as "CQB series magnetic pump" , IMD series magnetic pump, if you need to self-prime, you can use FZB fluoroplastic self-priming pump
6. IHF centrifugal pump and FSB centrifugal pump have the characteristics of high speed, small volume, light weight, high efficiency, large flow, simple structure, no pulsation of infusion, stable performance, easy operation and convenient maintenance, etc. When using a centrifugal pump, it is better.
7. When pumping a chemical medium containing solid particles, it is required to use wear-resistant materials for convection parts: UHB mortar pump is the best choice, UHB corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant mortar pump material is high-strength new engineering plastic UHBWPE, it is a change Ultra-high molecular weight (more than 5 million) polyethylene. In plastics, it has excellent wear resistance. Compared with the test, its wear resistance is much higher than that of stainless steel, and it is resistant to impact, creep resistance and excellent corrosion resistance (comparable to F4). Unique properties such as adhesion.
8. When the medium level is below the pump installation position: the FZB fluoroplastic self-priming pump should be selected for the fine pump industry. If the characteristics of the magnetic pump are also required, the ZMD fluoroplastic self-priming magnetic pump can be used.
According to the pump performance chart, select the best specification model: When the use requirements can not find the appropriate model in the performance parameter table, please refer to the pump performance curve to select the most suitable pump type.