Industrial pump and traditional industrial water pump advantages


Industrial pumps Compared to traditional industrial pum […]

Industrial pumps Compared to traditional industrial pumps that use mechanical seals or packing seals, industrial pumps have the following advantages:
(1) Relying on the synchronous rotation of the inner and outer magnetic steel, the industrial pump has the advantages of low power consumption and high efficiency compared with the ordinary industrial water pump, and has damping damping effect, thereby reducing the vibration of the motor to the pump. The effect and impact of the pump on the motor when cavitation vibration occurs.
(2) The bearings of industrial pumps can be made of self-lubricating materials such as graphite impregnated, and self-lubricated by the liquid to be sent; the complicated piping system such as cooling and flushing required for mechanically sealed pumps is omitted. Save energy requirements.
(3) The industrial pump utilizes the principle of the magnetic actuator to transmit power, and replaces the dynamic seal in the traditional design with a static seal. Since the dynamic seal becomes a completely closed static seal, the transported liquid is enclosed in a stationary isolator, completely leak free