Inspection and adjustment of the edge clearance of water ring vacuum pump


1. Check and adjust the side clearance of SZB type wate […]

1. Check and adjust the side clearance of SZB type water ring vacuum pump.
The impeller of the SZB water ring vacuum pump can slide axially on the pump shaft, and the two end gaps can be automatically adjusted during operation. Therefore, when inspecting and adjusting the edge clearance, it is only necessary to move the .SZB vacuum pump impeller to the side wall in the direction of the tight coupling, and the edge gap can be measured by the pressure lead wire method between the pump cover and the impeller edge. If it exceeds the regulations, under normal conditions, the thickness of the paper pad between the pump cover and the pump body can be adjusted to adjust to stop. When the edge or side wall of the impeller is worn more severely, it can't be adjusted with only the paper pad. If the turning is required to change or replace the impeller, the pump cover can also be turned.

2. Check and adjust the gap at the side of the SZ water ring vacuum pump.
The structural feature is that the impeller is fixedly mounted on the shaft, and the impeller cannot slide in the axial direction during the operation of the pump. When viewing, it is usually to look at the total gap between the two ends of the impeller. When looking at the total clearance, the end face of the impeller should be pressed against the discharge cover, and then the lead wire should be pressed between the impeller and the suction cover to check the gap. In order to ensure accurate measurement of the total gap, the front and rear shaft pumps should be installed when the lead wire is pressed. Because disassembling the bearing is more troublesome, sometimes the lead wire is pressed under the condition that only the rear bearing is not installed. When the impeller end face is simply skewed, it is required to put the lead wire in the up, down, left and right directions of the impeller end face, and then measure each The uniform total void was calculated on the basis of the point gap. The total gap between the two sides of the SZ type vacuum pump is adjusted by the thickness of the paper pad between the pump body and the front and rear covers. When the gap is too large, it is necessary to replace or correct the impeller.