Multi-function pump control valve function requirements


Centrifugal pump is the most commonly used water pump i […]

Centrifugal pump is the most commonly used water pump in the water supply and drainage project. Usually, in order to ensure the normal operation of the pump, three kinds of valve components, such as gate valve, check valve and water hammer eliminator, are installed on the water outlet pipe of the pump. The valve members play different roles in the operation of the water pump: the gate valve is normally closed, the gate valve is slowly opened when the pump starts, and the gate valve is slowly closed when the pump is stopped. The closing and closing of the pump can effectively prevent the pump water hammer and the pump water hammer from being stopped.


At the same time, the motor load when the pump starts is reduced. The shaft power of the pump at zero flow is the smallest, generally only the design axis. 30% of power. Another function of the gate valve is to provide safe maintenance conditions for the valve and pump installed in the check valve and the pump between the gate valve and the water pump when the gate valve is closed, to prevent the water from flowing back. The check valve can prevent sudden breakage. The flow of water caused by electricity changes to prevent backflow; however, the sudden closing of the check valve is prone to water hammer. When the geometric pumping height of the pump is large, the severe high pressure of the water hammer will cause the pipeline to rupture and cause serious production accidents.


To prevent water hammer from damaging the water pipeline, a water hammer eliminator is often installed on the water pressure pipe of the water pump. In order to realize the automation of pump operation, simplify management, reduce labor, improve reliability, people replace hydraulic valves and electric valves with manual valves, and carry out a number of technical improvements on single valves, and there is a slow opening and closing check valve and easing. Open and close hydraulic valves, automatic slow-closing gate valves, two-speed self-closing valves and other new valves.