Pump product characteristics


Standardization and modularization of products While th […]

Standardization and modularization of products While the products are diversified, the total volume of pumps as general-purpose products is still huge. In the market, in addition to technical competition, price competition of products, especially price competition of generalized products is an inevitable trend. In the trend of diversification of products, it is necessary to achieve the competitive advantage of product prices, improve the standardization of product parts, and realize the modularization of product parts. After the modularization of many components, the diversification of products can be achieved by combining different modules or changing the characteristics of individual parts. At the same time, only when the standardization of parts is improved, it is possible to produce large-scale parts based on the diversification of products, to reduce the production cost of products and to form a price competitive advantage of products, and also to diversify products. On the basis of further shortening the delivery cycle of the product.

The inherent characteristics of the pump are improved and the external characteristics are pursued. The intrinsic characteristics of the pump refer to the inherent characteristics of the product including product performance, component quality, assembly quality, appearance quality, etc., or simply referred to as quality. At this point, many pump manufacturers are currently paying attention to efforts to improve and improve. In fact, we can find that there are many products that fail to meet the factory inspection results after the factory inspections are consistent with the operation of the unit. Such as overload, noise increase, use failure, or reduced life. The problem of the other aspects; the operating point or operating characteristics of the pump in practice, we call the pump's extrinsic or system characteristics.