Pumps need to pay attention to winter use


Antifreeze is the biggest problem for chemical companie […]

Antifreeze is the biggest problem for chemical companies to produce safely in winter. In Jilin, the temperature in winter is minus 12--24 degrees, and the general anti-freezing measures of the process pipeline are heating and heat preservation. The importance of antifreeze operation is understood by the employees. The problem now is to save the safety under the premise of ensuring the safety of the antifreeze. The long flowing water cannot be opened too much. Fire-fighting pipeline installations with electricity and heat, energy-saving emission reduction is our important issue, but also the focus of our inspection. Enterprises should always pay attention to the local weather forecast, prepare according to the weather changes, and arrange the precautions of the team. The general anti-freeze and anti-coagulation measures will be formulated according to the characteristics of their own devices. Special attention should be paid to the aspects that the team cannot or cannot think of. . Do a good job of air, steam, wind, oil and other key parts of the venting, condensing, heat, keep smooth, regular inspection. The equipment pipeline system is automatically electric and heat tracing; the remaining antifreeze pipelines continue to have electric heating. In the winter antifreeze of chemical plants, the main consideration is that the process works normally, so that it works normally. Then look at the equipment, the medium inside the pipeline, whether it affects the process requirements in the case of low temperature in winter. The main method is to use rock wool insulation, or It is internal heating with heating. There are several ways to prevent freezing in winter. One is to add heat and heat preservation.
There are two kinds of electric heat tracing and steam tracing in the heat tracing. The second is to vent, and some unused pipelines are drained and purged in time. The third is to make small emissions at low points or to cycle to ensure flow. Antifreeze is commonly used for steam heating, electric heat tracing, thermal insulation materials, and hot water heating.
Winter antifreeze and anticoagulation work to do:
1. All the heat is used, and the whole inspection is carried out to achieve low point condensation.
2. After the pump is deactivated, purge it with nitrogen.
3. The bottom of the instrument wind line wind tank is regularly condensed. Prevent the instrument from carrying water,
4. If the water line of the device cannot be emptied, it should be opened slightly to prevent freezing cracks.
5. When the device is blown clean, the bottom valve of the sewage should be purged to see that there is no liquid discharge.