Several matters that should be paid attention to when selecting metering industrial pumps


(1) When the outlet pressure of the metering industrial […]

(1) When the outlet pressure of the metering industrial pump is less than or equal to the inlet pressure, in order to ensure the metering accuracy, a back pressure valve should be installed after the metering industrial pump outlet buffer tank, and the discharge pressure of the pump is at least 0.3MPa higher than the population pressure.

(2) Safety valves shall be provided on the outlet pipe of the metering industrial pump. If the pump is self-contained, it can be set separately. Diaphragm metering industrial pumps typically have built-in, adjustable hydraulic safety valves. Plunger metering industrial pumps generally do not have a built-in safety valve, so an external safety valve must be installed on the buyer's piping. External safety valves are generally supplied by the purchaser.

(3) If the seller deems it necessary or the buyer specifies it, the import and export buffer tank shall be provided by the seller. Buffer tanks should generally be accumulator type, using an inflatable diaphragm or bladder to isolate the pumped liquid.