Submersible sewage pump installation method


The installation method of the submersible sewage pump […]

The installation method of the submersible sewage pump is mainly divided into three ways: mobile installation, fixed installation and automatic coupling installation.

1, mobile installation
For small QW submersible sewage pumps, for example, below 30kW, free-moving installation is generally available. At this time, as long as the pump base or bracket is used for support, the outlet elbow is directly connected with the water outlet steel pipe or the hose, which is simple and convenient, so that the submersible sewage pump can be easily moved to different construction sites and can be directly put into the water, the pump Directly supported on the base.
Submersible sewage pump mobile installation
2. Fixed installation
The submersible sewage pump is installed on the fixed foundation of the pump house. The motor stator cooling system is used to cool the motor. The entire pump is not in contact with the medium. The inlet pipe and the outlet pipe can be connected to operate. The dry type is similar to the ordinary dry type pump. installation. If the pump is fixed, the pump and the outside of the motor are exposed to the medium for a fixed wet installation.
3. Automatic coupling installation
Another major form of submersible sewage pump installation is semi-fixed installation, which is suitable for all power submersible sewage pumps. The device is mainly composed of outlet pipe seat, coupling frame (quick interface) and guide rail. A schematic diagram of the on-site installation of a submersible sewage pump using an automatic coupling mounting device is shown in Figs.
Submersible sewage pump coupling installation
During installation, the pump is connected to the outlet pipe seat (ie, the coupling base), and the outlet pipe seat is fixed to the bottom of the pump pit (when the pump pit is constructed, the anchor bolt is pre-buried, and the outlet pipe seat can be fixed when used). The pump can move freely up and down along the straight guide rail through the lifting device. When the pump is placed down along the guide rail, the coupling frame is automatically coupled with the outlet pipe seat. Under the action of the torque generated by the submersible sewage pump, the water pump and the outlet pipe seat are in contact with each other. The tighter the pressure, the tighter it is. When the pump is lifted, the pump and the outlet seat are automatically disengaged. The automatic coupling installation device can be used to hoist the pump along the guide rail during maintenance, maintenance and overhaul, and it is very convenient for people to enter the sewage for disassembly. Not only can the pump be quickly installed and lifted, but also the labor intensity of workers and the improvement of working conditions can be greatly reduced.