Understanding of several basic types of pumps


The two basic types of pumps are: positive displacement […]

The two basic types of pumps are: positive displacement pumps and centrifugal pumps. A positive displacement pump drives a fluid by moving a quantity of fluid and forces a fixed amount into the discharge tube. Regardless of the discharge pressure, they produce the same flow at a given speed, making it a constant flow machine. To prevent bursting, positive displacement pumps typically have a pressure relief valve or a safety valve on the discharge side. If the positive displacement pump operates on a closed discharge valve, the pressure inside the discharge increases, causing the line to burst and damaging the pump. Positive displacement pumps can be divided into reciprocating pumps (pistons, plungers and diaphragms), power pumps, steam pumps and rotary pumps (gears, blades, screws, blades, regenerative or peripheral and progressive chambers).