What are the reasons for the submersible pump motor burnout?


1. Because the head of the submersible pump is too low […]

1. Because the head of the submersible pump is too low and the lift of the pump is higher than the actual price. If the lift is more than 5 meters, the flow will be too large and the current will rise. The solution is to close the outlet valve of the pump to reduce the resistance. The outlet flow controls the current.

2. The submersible pump motor needs to be submerged by the whole machine. The submersible motor is mainly cooled by water. If the motor leaks out of the water and there is no water to cool the motor, the temperature will rise sharply and it will easily lead to the burning of the motor.

3. If the liquid to be delivered is hot water below 80 degrees, hot water submersible pump must be used. The hot water submersible pump is usually cooled with stainless steel jacket and cooled by external cooling water. If it is used, it must be cooled by external tap water. The tap water cooling motor is sure to burn the motor because the medium temperature is too high to cool the motor.

4. The mechanical seal of the submersible pump is idling or damaged by liquid corrosion, so that the motor water will also cause the motor to burn. If it is equipped with the corresponding leak sensor supporting control cabinet, it can be avoided. Without this configuration it is recommended to periodically maintain the submersible pump replacement seal.

5. because the power line is not in contact with other contact reasons, the motor missing items will also burn the motor.
Submersible pumps that are not used in water for a long time should be checked for insulation and phase insulation of the coil before starting the motor.
Water pump with leakage leakage overload protection function can be selected: high temperature submersible pump