What is a built-in submersible pump


The built-in submersible pump draws in the liquid deliv […]

The built-in submersible pump draws in the liquid delivered, and flows out through the impeller. Usually, it cools the oil chamber and passes through the annular flow path surrounding the motor, so that the liquid cools the motor and then flows out of the pump outlet. The overall pump efficiency is slightly reduced, but the pump The reliability of use is greatly increased. Figure 10-6 shows a typical built-in submersible pump. The semi-internal submersible pump has the structural features between the externally mounted and built-in submersible pumps. Usually, the pump outlet pipe is connected to the casing through the part of the motor casing to provide a certain cooling effect on the motor, such as low water diving. Pump. The electric motor of the cross-flow submersible pump is located outside the submersible pump, and the pump impeller is installed inside the rotor of the electric motor, and the two are integrated. The transported water flows through the inner wall of the rotor of the electric motor to cool the rotor. The electric motor is generally a water-filled submersible pump such as a water-filled submersible pump. Larger outer diameter, low height and good cooling conditions.