What should be paid attention to when installing vertical multistage centrifugal water pump


The vertical multi-stage centrifugal water pump is main […]

The vertical multi-stage centrifugal water pump is mainly composed of the inlet section, the middle section, the outlet section, the balance device, etc., and is assembled into a whole factory and installed on site. The inlet and outlet ports can be on the opposite side or on the same side, and should be ordered according to the design requirements. The vertical multistage pump can also be adjusted by the user.
Precautions when installing:
(1) Check the position of the pump foundation, the elevation, the position of the anchor bolts and the level of the foundation surface before installation.
(2) After the water pump is in place, the verticality of the flange of the inlet and outlet water interface should be adjusted. The inlet and outlet short pipes should be supported. It is not suitable for the inlet and outlet flanges to withstand excessive pressure and break.
(3) Bushing seal packing When using graphite packing, it is necessary to take out a hose from there to the nearby ditch or drain drain.
(4) Re-add calcium-based lubricants before operation.
(5) After the installation is completed, the car is checked to check whether there is a shell or the car is too tight.