Antifreeze measures for winter pipelines


1. Water line for process. Where it is installed on the […]

1. Water line for process. Where it is installed on the ground and the water consumption is not large, it should be ensured that there is a venting valve at the end of the pipeline to maintain normal flow of water to prevent freezing. If conditions permit, heat preservation should be added to the pipeline.

2. The water line used intermittently must be installed with electric heating cable for heat preservation, otherwise it will not be used.

3. For water lines not used in winter, the flanges on both sides should be dismantled, and the water should be drained. If conditions permit, the industrial wind should be used to ensure that the water in the pipeline is not filled. If the switch is not strict, it should be Add blind plates at the flanges that are disassembled at both ends, and register and hang them.

4. For some pipelines that are not used in normal production, due to long-term deactivation, there may be accumulated water in the dead corner and frozen. Once used, it will cause nowhere and affect production. Before such a pipeline enters the winter, the pipeline should be unblocked and replaced with an appropriate flow rate, and the relevant valve is closed to maintain the standby state.

5. Fire hydrant of fire water line system, fire water line valve well, etc., to close the valve in the valve well, put the water in the water plug to ensure that the water hydrant can be used at any time. A double-layer manhole cover (one of which is an insulated manhole cover) should be used in the fire well.

Freezing treatment occurs: after the equipment is frozen, steam or thermal hydrolysis should be applied. The thawing of cast iron pipelines and equipment should be slow. Explosion-proof, frozen-fractured pipelines or equipment are prohibited from heating under sealed conditions. The venting should be opened first, and the horizontal piping should be low. High thawing, vertical tube from top to bottom, if there is a crack should be reported.