Power Plant Desulphurization System Pump Shenyang Works

Power Plant Desulphurization System Pump Shenyang Works

1) Source and implementation of the project
Actively responding to the requirements of the national low-carbon environmental protection, energy-saving and emission-reduction industrial policies, and fully meeting the needs of upgrading and reforming flue gas desulfurization projects, Shenyang First Water Spring Co., Ltd. draws on foreign advanced product technology and cooperates with Liaoning Keying Fiber Materials Co., Ltd. Inorganic non-metallic materials/technical ceramics industry professional manufacturers), combined with the Chinese Academy of Sciences Shenyang Metal Research Institute, Xi'an Jiaotong University, Tianjin University, Northeastern University, Shenyang Engineering College and other university research institutes and foreign experts team to tackle the problem, after five years of hard work Efforts to successfully develop advanced ceramic de-sparing pumps

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Power Plant Desulphurization System Pump Shenyang Works Details

2) Identification and patent achievements

Entrusted by the National Development and Reform Commission, the China Machinery Industry Federation hosted an advanced ceramic desulfurization pump product appraisal meeting independently designed and manufactured by Shenyang First Shui Li Co., Ltd. in Yingkou, Liaoning Province on May 24, 2014. Through the identification of the expert group, the conclusion of the appraisal: the first in China and the first-class in the world. The participating experts agreed that the advanced ceramic desulfurization pump has filled the domestic gap, and the main technical indicators have reached the level of similar foreign products, which can be further expanded and promoted. Advanced ceramic desulfurization pump has obtained national patent, invention patent: "A desulfurization pump with lining silicon carbide ceramics" Application No.: 201410219883.5; Utility model patent: "A patent for lining silicon carbide ceramics: ZL 2014 2 0264805. 2.











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Shenyang No.1 Pump Co.,Ltd established a complete manufacturing system,
fully realizing the automatic production and processing.