Chemical process pumps HZA, HZE series

Chemical process pumps HZA, HZE series

Product Name: Chemical Process Pumps HZA, HZE Series
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Chemical process pumps HZA, HZE series Details

Application area
HZA, HZE pumps are suitable for transporting water and liquids like water or liquids containing small amounts of particles, low temperature or high temperature liquids, neutral or corrosive liquids.
HZA, HZE pumps are mainly used
Refinery, petrochemical industry, coal processing industry and cryogenic engineering.
Chemical industry, papermaking, pulp industry, sugar industry and general process industry.
Water plant, desalination plant, power plant.

Performance range
Caliber 20-400mm
Flow rate (Q) up to 2600m3/h
Head (H) up to 250m
Working pressure (P) up to 2.5Mpa
Operating temperature (T) -80C ~ +200 °C (HZA type pump)
-80C to +450°C (HZE pump)

HZA type pump is a single-stage, horizontal type cantilever type centrifugal pump, and the pump body is a foot support. The HZE pump is a single-stage, two-stage horizontal cantilever centrifugal pump with a pump center. Single suction radial impeller, axial suction, radial discharge.
According to the conditions of use, the front and rear wear rings and balance holes are used for hydraulic balance. Packing boxes have cooling or heating fittings. Shaft sealing with packing can also use single-end or double-end mechanical seal. It is equipped with a cooling, flushing or sealing fluid system.
Standard piping is designed according to API610 specifications. The suction and discharge pipe flanges have the same rated pressure rating.
Seen from the motor to the pump, the pump rotates clockwise.

Transmission medium
HZA and HZE pumps are used for inorganic acids and organic acids such as sulfuric acid, nitric acid, hydrochloric acid and phosphoric acid at various temperatures and concentrations. Various temperature and concentration alkaline solutions such as sodium hydroxide and sodium carbonate, various salt solutions, various liquid petrochemical products, organic compounds, and other corrosive materials and products.
At present, our factory's corrosion-resistant materials can meet the above requirements of various media. When ordering, please provide the details of the media to be delivered.

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