Coking furnace feed pump TDR series

Coking furnace feed pump TDR series

Product Name: Coking Furnace Feed Pump TDR Series
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Coking furnace feed pump TDR series Details

The TDR pump is a feed pump for the radiant furnace in the coking unit and can also be used for the transport of high temperature liquids.

Performance range
Flow rate (O): 7.5-336m3/h
Head (H): 1390~530m
The temperature of the conveying medium does not exceed 450 °C.

The inlet and outlet flanges of the product are vertically upwards, and the pump body is a double-shell structure. The internal parts of the pump can be inspected and repaired without moving outside. The pump body materials are all heat-resistant steel, the axial force of the pump rotor is balanced by the double balance drum, and the residual axial force thrust bearing bears. The shaft seal of the pump uses a metal bellows-type mechanical seal that is suitable for full temperature. The rotor of the pump is supported on the sliding bearings on both sides, and the bearings are forced to lubricate.

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