Double suction multistage pump DK, DKS series

Double suction multistage pump DK, DKS series

Product Name: Double suction multistage pump DK, DKS series
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Double suction multistage pump DK, DKS series Details

DK and DKS pumps are used to transport clean water, seawater, sewage, petrochemical products, and acids and alkalis. The medium temperature does not exceed 80°C.

Performance range:
Flow rate: Q=50~630m3/h
Head: H=110~1000m

The DK and DKS (first stage impeller double suction) pumps are horizontal, multistage, and horizontal mid-open pumps, which are the products of digestion and introduction technology development. The suction inlet and discharge outlet of the product are all below the axis of the pump shaft and perpendicular to the axis. The coupling surface of the pump body and the pump cover is on the axis line, which makes it easy to disassemble the components in the pump without dismantling the inlet and outlet lines and the prime mover. The overhaul is extremely convenient.
The shaft seal of the pump has two kinds, mechanical seal and packing seal. The bearing of the rotor is a self-lubricated double-oil bearing structure, and the coupling is equipped with a diaphragm-type extension coupling.
From the driving direction, the pump is rotated counterclockwise, and the pump's manufacturing complies with the API610 standard.



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