High pressure coke pump DM, TDM series

High pressure coke pump DM, TDM series

Product Name: High pressure defoaming pump DM, TDM series
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High pressure coke pump DM, TDM series Details

DM, TDM horizontal high-pressure multi-stage centrifugal pumps are mainly used for decoking and dephosphorization equipment in various oil refineries and steel plants, and can also be used for oilfield water injection and other similar applications. Its transmission medium temperature does not exceed 80 °C, coke powder, phosphorus powder and other impurities should be less than 3.5mm particle size, content less than 3000ppm. Design, manufacturing specifications with reference to American Petroleum Institute API610 (seventh edition)

Performance range
O=120 to 220m3/h H=1000 to 2200m

Model meaning
example 1
DM160-120×13 DM-Multi-stage wear-resistant centrifugal pump
160-Flow (m3/h) 120-Single Head (m)
Example 2
TDM1200-160×12 TDM-double shell multi-stage wear-resistant centrifugal pump
200-Flow (m3/h) 160-Single Head (m)
12- Centrifugal pump stages

Pump structure
1. The DM pump is a single-housing horizontal section multi-stage pump. The suction section, the discharge section and the middle section of the pump are connected by a penetrating bar. The static joint surface of each part is sealed by a combination of a metal end face and an “O”-shaped seal ring. The leaves are in turn hot-mounted on the shaft to increase the rigidity of the rotor.
2. The TDM pump is a double-housing horizontal multi-stage centrifugal pump. The pump is mainly composed of pump Simplified, pump cover and segment type pump core: the pump core is installed in simplified mode, and the discharge end is bolted tightly to the simplified cover of the pump and sealed with a wound pad. The pump core consists of a suction body, a middle section, a guide vane and a rotor. The leaf heat is mounted on the shaft and axially retained by the snap ring.
DM type and TDM type pump inlet and outlet are vertical upwards: DM type is foot support: TDM type is centerline support.
The axial force of the rotor is mainly balanced by a double balance drum balancing mechanism.
The pump rotor is radially supported by a four-oil wedge sliding bearing: it is axially constrained by a thrust bearing behind the radial bearing at the discharge end and is thus subjected to residual axial forces.
Radial and thrust bearings require separate forced lubrication.
Shaft seal:
The DM pump uses a packing seal.
TDM pump can be selected according to user needs mechanical seal or packing seal.
The pump is driven by a motor via a diaphragm coupling. Look at the pump end for clockwise rotation.

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