Hydrogenation pump TD series

Hydrogenation pump TD series

Product Name: Hydrogenation Pump TD Series
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Hydrogenation pump TD series Details

TD-type pumps are mainly used for the refining of petroleum products, hydroprocessing of petrochemical processes, hydrogenation reforming, continuous reforming, hydrocracking and hydrodesulfurization as feed, circulating oil and amine liquid pumps. For the delivery of other liquids without bulk particles.

Performance range
Flow rate: Q: 25-735m3/h Head: 500-3000m
Temperature: t: <210°C

Meet the American Petroleum Engineering Society API610 regulations.
The pump rotor is a rigid rotor with high reliability.
The optimized pump structure, reliable static seal and dynamic seal ensure that the pump has high sealing characteristics.
The double-hull structure pump can be maintained without dismantling the pipeline.
High-reliability self-lubricating bearing or forced-lubricating bearing, necessary auxiliary equipment and monitoring system, etc.

Model Description

Pump structure
The TD type pump is a horizontal double-casing multi-stage centrifugal pump. The inner casing is of a segmented multi-stage type, and the inner casing can be pulled out without moving the pipeline for maintenance.
The bearings at both ends of the pump are either rolling bearings or plain bearings. Lubrication is self-lubricating or forced lubrication. Forced lubrication is provided on the bearing body with temperature and pressure monitoring instruments. The axial force of the pump is absorbed by the balancing device, and the residual axial force is borne by the thrust ball bearing or the thrust pad. The shaft seal is a mechanical seal with a self-rinsing system that keeps the mechanical seal operating normally under normal temperature and pressure.

The pump is directly driven by the motor through the diaphragm coupling, and the pump rotates clockwise from the drive end.

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