Oil pipeline pump KSY, DKS series

Oil pipeline pump KSY, DKS series

Product Name: Oil pipeline pump KSY, DKS series
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Oil pipeline pump KSY, DKS series Details

The KSY oil pipeline pump series developed by our factory can provide complete sets of products for the annual output of 20 million tons of oil pipelines. The product has the following features.
High reliability, bearing body parts have two structures, good heat dissipation.
The hydraulically excessive flow site uses a highly efficient hydraulic model. It is 5-8% more efficient than the old oil pipeline pump.
High degree of component commonality
The refining of materials is mainly based on Type II materials, and the bearing bodies and other components are cast iron.

Performance range:
Flow Q=54~55OOm2/h
Head H=80~1080m
Temperature T=-10~+200°C

Model Description:
KSY - Double Suction Horizontal Centrifugal Pump
2850.390 - Traffic - Yang Cheng
A, B- impeller cutting times. The order is represented by A B...
F-indicates that the pump rotates clockwise from the drive
The original old model 400KD250x2 DKS750-550
KS3000-190 SY850.75x2 KS2700-90
400- suction inlet diameter 750.850.2700.3000 - flow Single-stage Yang Cheng 2-series
The oil pipeline pump is suitable for conveying clean water and does not contain solid particles. Non-corrosive petroleum products.

KSY type is divided into single-stage double-suction and two-stage double-suction support at both ends, structure type. as the picture shows.
Pump body, pump cover is open horizontally. Two axial holes communicating with the discharge vortex chamber are cast above the pump cover to connect the mechanical seal flushing circulation line.

The KSY2850-210 and KSY2850-95 bearings have the following structure:
Coupling end mounted with a cylindrical roller bearing. At the other end, a set of face-to-face thrust ball bearings and cylindrical roller bearings are mounted. The outer surface of the bearing is cast with axial fins. Cool naturally.

KSY390-380. The KSY390-190 and KSY3390-80 bearings have the following structure:
The bearings of the bearing body parts are lubricated with thin oil by means of an oil-stripping ring. The external surface of the bearing is cast with fins and is naturally cooled. For the convenience of overhaul, the KSY-type oil pipeline pump adopts flexible diaphragm-type extension coupling components.

DKS is a multi-stage centrifugal pump. The first impeller is a double-suction impeller. The second and third-stage impellers are back-to-back single-stage impellers. The KS type is a single-stage, double-suction, open centrifugal pump. The inlet of the DKS.KS pump is Both the outlet and the outlet are in the direction below the axis line of the pump shaft, which is perpendicular to the axis. The pump body and the pump cover are horizontally open. The inspection and maintenance are convenient and horizontal. The pump shaft seal is a mechanical seal. The bearing is a sliding bearing. lubricating.

Pump piping system:
The pump's mechanical seal flushing circulation line is equipped with a throttle plate and a micro filter (transporting refined oil without a filter).

Turn to:
This series of pumps can have two kinds of steering according to the user's ordering needs. The main counterclockwise direction of the pump is mainly seen from the motor end. If clockwise rotation is required, special instructions are required, and “F” should be added to the model (after flow value). .


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