Single-stage double-suction centrifugal pump AYS series

Single-stage double-suction centrifugal pump AYS series

Product Name: Single Stage Double Suction Centrifugal Pump AYS Series
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Single-stage double-suction centrifugal pump AYS series Details

The AYS pump is a single-stage, double-suction, end-supporting centrifugal oil pump (Figure 1).
Radially split the pump casing, it is especially suitable for conveying high temperature and high pressure as well as flammable, explosive or toxic liquids. The installation method is horizontal centerline support to minimize deformation and displacement caused by thermal expansion and contraction. The pump body is designed as a double vortex chamber to balance the radial force of the pump.
The pump can be vented by self-pressurizing liquid flow, but the upper and lower parts of the pump body also have liquid outlet holes. When the user needs to exhaust and discharge the liquid, the liquid outlet hole is opened. It is screwed on with the API plug at the factory. Pump suction inlet and outlet outlet are vertical. It is integrated with the pump body and its flange size and pressure level adopt national GB standards.
For reliability, AYS type oil pumps use cast steel shells.
The shaft seal chamber (stuffing box) and the pump cover are cast together. It can be equipped with packing seals and balance type, bellows or series mechanical seals. The optional water cooling cavity jacket is cast outside the shaft seal cavity. The arrangement of the water-cooled jacket must be specifically requested or when the temperature of the transport medium is more than 66°C and the hydrocarbon temperature exceeds 150°C. When the conveying medium needs to keep warm, low-pressure steam or other insulating medium can also be introduced into the jacket. Its hydrostatic test 1MPa (about 10kgf/cm2), cooling water inlet joint R1/2 under the pump cover, outlet joint R1/2 above the pump cover. The steam inlet fitting R1/2 is above the pump cover. Outlet fitting R1/2 is below the pump cover.
The impeller is integrally cast. And with the rotor to do the dynamic balance, it and the shaft is driven by a key, the rotor is supported at both ends. The casing seal ring or the impeller seal ring are all replaceable standard parts. The good match between the two is guaranteed by the difference in material and hardness. The seal rings on both sides of the impeller are intentionally designed to have different sizes. The seal ring on the side of the thrust bearing is slightly smaller than the other side, causing the pump to create a slight axial force and allowing the shaft to always work in tension. Avoid the rotor's left and right strings.
Both ends of the pump are the same size bearing body, the material is cast steel, is fastened to the bracket (brick bracket) with screws, and is positioned with a matching spigot, a radial bearing is mounted on the coupling end, and the other end is equipped with two The back-to-back thrust ball bearings are installed. The bearings are lubricated with oil-stripping rings and the oil volume is moderate. Each bearing is cast with heat sinks for air cooling (t<120°C), fan cooling (1=120-260°C) and water cooling (t=260-450°C), where fan cooling is particularly suitable In areas that lack water or poor water quality.
When the pump bearing is cooled by a fan, the fan will replace the position of the dust-proof disc. This is a unique feature of the pump. When the pump bearing is cooled with water, the ball bearing is cast with a water-cooled jacket.
The bearing body is also equipped with transparent plastic circular oil swatches and oil cups to monitor and control the oil level.

AYS type oil pump piping system
Cooling water:
In order for the pump to work properly, different types of cooling must be carried out for the shaft seal chamber, bearing and pump bracket depending on the operating conditions. The cooling water piping arrangement shall comply with Figure D-5 in Appendix D* of the API 610 specification, generally The pump is equipped, leaving only import and export connectors.
The minimum nominal diameter of the cooling water line is 1/2".
The amount of cooling water is 0.3-0.7m3/h per branch and the pressure is 0.2-0.3MPa (about 2-3kgf/cm2).

Sealing oil:
Shaft seal is based on the pump transmission medium and its temperature, pressure and other working conditions and choose different seals, the layout of the sealed piping system should comply with the D610 and D-3 in Appendix D of the API610 specification, the user When not specifically mentioned, it is equipped by the pump factory. Sealing oil flushing pressure and oil volume are taken into consideration by the pump manufacturer. Only when the external supply is needed, the value is provided. The oil sealing capacity of each pump is shown in the following table:

Sealed name
Diameter (mm)






Average closure
Oil volume (l/s)






Sealing oil pressure is generally higher than the pressure of the sealing chamber 0.07 ~ O.1MPa (about 0.7-1.Okgf/cm2 if the transmission medium is easy to vaporize, it should be higher than the vaporization pressure 0.175-0.2MPa (about 1.75 ~ 2.Okgf /cm2).
The accessories required for the pipeline, such as cryosensors, filters, orifice plates, flow indicators, etc., are all manufactured by the pump factory.



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