Single two-stage centrifugal oil pump AY, YY series

Single two-stage centrifugal oil pump AY, YY series

Product Name: Single two-stage centrifugal oil pump AY, YY series
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Single two-stage centrifugal oil pump AY, YY series Details

YY, AY type oil pump series is a new product that is reformed and redesigned on the basis of the old Y type oil pump series and has the following features.
• The bearing body parts replaced the original 35, 50, and 60 bearing bodies with 45, 55, and 70 bearing bodies respectively, improving reliability.
• The hydraulic model uses a hydraulic model of an energy-efficient pump, which is on average 5 to 8% more efficient than the old Y pump.
· In order to maintain inheritance, the structure, installation dimensions and performance parameters of the YY and AY oil pumps are the same as those of the Y-type oil pump, and the parameter range is expanded to facilitate the replacement of old devices.
• High degree of component commonality. The standard parts are shared by several series of products.
· Material selection and scouring, the main body is Class II and Class III materials. The bearing body and other parts are increased to cast steel and cast iron, which provides favorable conditions for cold areas, open-air use and marine use.
The bearings are air-cooled, fan-cooled, and water-cooled. They are selected according to the pump's different operating temperatures. Fan cooling is particularly suitable for areas that lack water or poor water quality.

Performance range:
Flow Q=2.5~600m3/h
Head: H=30~330m Temperature t=-45~420°C
YY, AY type oil pumps can be used to transport oil, liquefied petroleum gas and other media without solid particles in the petroleum refining, petrochemical and chemical industries and elsewhere.

Model Description: 50AY II 60X28 250AYS III150C
50 250 - Suction inlet diameter (mm) A - First modification of Y-centrifugal oil pump S - First stage impeller is double suction II III Overcurrent part Material code: I is HT250 II is ZG230-450 III is ZGICrI3Ni
60. 150 single stage lift (m) 2-stage B.C-impeller cutting times in the order of A B--

The YY and AY oil pumps produced by our factory are divided into single-stage single-suction and two-stage single-suction cantilever, single-stage double-suction cantilever. Single-stage double-suction and two-stage double-suction support at both ends, two-stage single-suction support at both ends of the six structural types. Structural types are shown in Figures 1 to 6.
The shell is radially split and its mounting is a horizontal centerline support. Particularly suitable for conveying high temperature and pressure as well as flammable, explosive or toxic liquids. The suction inlet flange and discharge outlet flange of the pump are all cast on the pump body and are all vertically upwards. The shaft sealing chamber (stuffing box) and the pump cover are cast together. It can be equipped with packing seals and balanced, bellows, and tandem mechanical seals. Optional water cooling chamber jackets are cast outside the shaft seal chamber. The cavities must be equipped with special requirements or when the temperature of the transport medium for water exceeds 66°C and the temperature of the hydrocarbons exceeds 120°C.
The impeller is integrally cast and is statically balanced. The axial force of the pump is mainly balanced by the balancing holes of the impeller.
The bearing body is equipped with a set of radial ball bearings and a set of back-to-back thrust ball bearings. The bearings are lubricated with thin oil from the oil-stripping ring and the heat sink is cast on the outer surface of the bearing. For air cooling (T<120°C), fan cooling (T=120 to 260°C) and water cooling (T=260°C to 420°C) are also available. For the maintenance of the pump, impellers, shafts, bearings, shaft seals and other components can be easily removed without disassembling suction or discharge lines. YY and AY type oil pumps employ flexible diaphragm-type extension coupling components.
According to the need of conveying conditions, the vertical suction of the pump is changed to axial horizontal suction. (Performance unchanged). The pump model is indicated by □□P is an axially horizontal suction structure.

Pump piping system
1. Cooling water is used to cool the shaft seal chamber, bearing or pump bracket. The amount of water in each pipe is 0.3-0.7m3/h, and the pressure is 0.2-0.3MPa.
2. The seal flushing is different according to the working conditions of the pump conveying medium and temperature, pressure, etc. The sealing fluid volume of each pump chamber is shown in the table below, either inside or outside.
The pressure of the sealing fluid is generally higher than the pressure of the sealing chamber by 0.07 to 0.1 MPa. If the conveying medium is easily vaporized, it should be higher than the vaporization pressure of 0.175-0.2 MPa.
3. The steam pipe is equipped when the temperature of the conveying medium is low and it is easy to precipitate and crystallize, and its pressure is about 0.1 MPa.


Sealed name
Diameter (mm)
13~47 48~59 60~84 85~95 96~133
Average closure
Liquid volume (m3/h)
0.18 0.24 0.36 0.48 0.66




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