SVG vertical pipeline pump

SVG vertical pipeline pump

Product Name: SVG Vertical Pipe Pump
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SVG vertical pipeline pump Details

Application Range:

Series SVG is single stage,single suction, radially split, vertical centrifugal inline pump. It is widely used for petrochemical industry, oil refinery, general industrial process, coal chemical industry, cryoge-

nic engineering, Water & Wastewater and pipeline pressure field and so on.

Pumping medium:

Various liquid petrochemicals, organic componds and other corrosive liquid.

  Acidic solution, alkaline solution and salt solution at various temperature and concentration.


Capacity     Q: 3 to 600 m3/h  

Head        H: 4 to 200 m

Pressure      p: 0 to 2.5MPa(5MPa)

Temperature   t: -20℃ to +250℃

Description of pump type:


SVG — Vertical centrifugal inline pump

100 — Discharge nozzle diameter(mm)

250 — Impeller type(mm)

Construction Features:

There is bearing bracket between pump and motor, and the pump force loading is borne by the rolling bearing, so that the pump could used for higher temperature and more important condition.

The SVG pump has lower NPSH compared with the other horizon-

tal pumps with the same performance, and its volume is smaller, so it needs smaller space for assembly at site. What’s more, its pipeline connection is simple, so the basis costs could be saved.

The SVG pump impeller is single stage, single suction and closed type. The axial force is balanced by the impeller front and rear wear ring, and the balance hole.

Impeller, pump casing and cover with interchangeable sealing ring, shaft seal with sleeve, easy to maintance, save spare parts cost.

Pump cover has the function of cooling and heating preservation. Which can be used for pumping mediums with special requirements, pump cover with ventilating plug, to vent the air in pipeline or pumps before operation.

Suitable dimension of sealing housing, use gland packing or vario-

us mechanical seal, good changability, low cost of size deviation, equiped with cooling, flushing, sealing liquid system.

The connection and standard of suction and discharge flange can be varied with customers requirements in rated pressure level and dimension.  

Pump Rotation:

Viewed from motor end, pump rotate in clockwise diameter.


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