TD, TDA horizontal multi-stage cylindrical pump

TD, TDA horizontal multi-stage cylindrical pump

Product Name: TD, TDA horizontal multi-stage cylindrical pump
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TD, TDA horizontal multi-stage cylindrical pump Details

TD、TDAHorizontal Multi-Stages Style Barral Pump


Horizontal,multi-stages, radially split or axially split, barrel type centerline mounted multi-stages centrifugal pumps.The series pumps compile with API610 standard BB5 type.


TD(A) series pumps are designed for high temperature and high pressure working conditions,especially for conditions intended to suffering thermal shock.The pump operates more reliably when pumping flammable or hazardous liquid with higher pressure.


■ Power plants

■ Petrochemical plants

■ Coal processing

■ Gas processing

■ Cryogenics engineering

■ Offshore industry


Nozzle sizes DN: 50~400mm

Capacities Q: 6~720m3/h

Head H: ~2500m

Operating pressure P: ~26.0MPa

Operating tempeature T:-80~450℃


TD (A)80 – 120 × 12 A

① ② ③ ④ ⑤ ⑥

① Series

② Inner casing axially split

③ Design capacities(m3/h)

④ Single heads(m)

⑤ Pump stages

⑥ Hydraulic model


◆ Hydraulic models:Each pump size have two or three types of hydraulic models,for different operating conditions the best efficient hydraulic model can be selected.

u Balancing parts:The balancing drum balances most of the hydraulic axial forces.The residual thrust is
absorbed by thrust bearing.

◆ Barrel casing:Double casing,back pulling out construction,and the inner casing are section-ring casings or axially split casings. The barrel casing centerline mounted with set pin hole in the bottom. Ductile cast should be used when pressure is greater than 15MPa.

◆ Support structures:Heavy duty shaft design and bearings support having heavy duty carrying capability,roller bearings, or sleeve bearings with oil ring lubricated,water cooled,or sliding bearings with forced oil circulation.

◆ Nozzle:The suction and discharge nozzied with same pressure grade are vertically arranged. Allowable nozzle loadings compile with API610.

◆ Shaft sealing:The shaft sealing chamber compiles with API682 specifications; single, double or tandem cartridge type mechanical seals are available. The pressure in seal chamber is only the same as suction.


Carbon steel, chrome steel, or Cr-Ni-Mo stainless steel.

Standard API610 material classes:S-5, S-6, C-6, A-7, A-8, D-1, D-2. Other choices can be selected when needed.


The pump have its own superiorities compared with BB4 type pumps.

Higher pressure sustaining possibility. Only the barrel and casing cover withstand the discharge pressure, Section-ring casings only wihtstand the pressure diference,the leaking ways is minimized.The gaskets are reliable between the barrel and the casing cover.

Minimize the effect of heat shock and deformation. Both the inner casings and the rotors are surrounded by pumped liquid and uniformly heated. For high temperature operating conditions, the pump evenly permit start-up without preheating.

Easy dismantling and maintenaces. The inner unit including the casing and rotors can be removed entirely from the barrel without dismantle the piping lines.

Excellent safety. When pumping hazardous liquids, the possibility of leaking is minimized because of the barrel.

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