Vertical Sump Pump GY Series

Vertical Sump Pump GY Series

Product Name: Vertical Sump Pump GY Series
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Vertical Sump Pump GY Series Details

The GY type vertical sewage pump is a new generation product developed and produced based on the company's internal and external industry's advanced technology, combined with its own characteristics, summarizing years of design and production experience. It is characterized by high efficiency, stable operation, low vibration, low noise and flat power curve. And with no clogging, anti-winding performance.
The series of pumps, according to the actual application of the user, the impeller using a single flow, dual flow, double-blade, three-blade or multi-blade type. The flow channel design is in line with the dynamic potential of the hydrodynamic flow. The flow-through components are smooth, smooth and smooth, making the pump highly efficient and capable of smoothly conveying media containing solid particles or solid-liquid mixtures with long fibers. The maximum solid particle diameter contained in the pumping medium Up to half of the nominal diameter of the pump exports, containing fiber length of 300 ~ 150mm, widely used in petrochemical, electric power, metallurgy and other industries.



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