DC high-pressure dephosphorization pump

DC high-pressure dephosphorization pump

Performance Range: Flow (Q): 35-480m³h  Head (H): 1000-2500m
Medium temperature: below 80 ° C

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DC high-pressure dephosphorization pump Details

Performance Range: Flow (Q): 35-480m³h  Head (H): 1000-2500m
Medium temperature: below 80 ° C


The DKSH/DKH, TDH and DH seawater injection pumps are three series products developed on the basis of the introduction of foreign advanced technology and adopted the American Petroleum Institute API610 specification. It is mainly used for delivering oxygen-free seawater or medium with similar physical and chemical properties at a temperature of less than 80°C.

Performance range::
Head (H): 150~2560m

Model Description:



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