Phosphorus removal pump DC, DCT series

Phosphorus removal pump DC, DCT series

Product Name: Phosphorus removal pump DC, DCT series
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Phosphorus removal pump DC, DCT series Details

DC and DCT pumps are used for high-pressure water phosphorus removal in rolling mills.

Transmission medium: normal temperature water

Performance range:
Flow rate: Q=21~600m3/h
Head: H=1000-2800m

DC type: single-housing horizontal multistage centrifugal pump.
DCT type: Double-housing horizontal multi-stage centrifugal pump.

Shaft seal:
The pump is packed, spirally sealed or mechanically sealed.

Bearings and balancing devices:
The rotor of the pump is supported by radial bearings. The axial force of the pump is absorbed by the balancing device. The residual axial force is borne by the thrust bearing, which is a self-lubricating or forced-lubricated sliding bearing.

The pump is driven by a motor via a diaphragm coupling.
Drive direction: The pump rotates clockwise from the drive end.

Inhalation section: ZG270/35 Guide vane: ZG1Cr13Ni/ZG2Cr13NI
Discharge section: ZG270/35 Middle section: ZG1Cr13Ni/1Cr13
Shaft: IR3Mo Sealing ring: RWA350/S203
Impeller: ZG1Cr13NiMo/S14S280

Model Description:

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