Mine pump MD, GD, MDII, DF series

Mine pump MD, GD, MDII, DF series

Product Name: Mining Pumps MD, GD, MDII, DF Series
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Mine pump MD, GD, MDII, DF series Details

The GD and MD pumps are designed to deliver clear water without solid particles. The DF type and MDII type pumps are used to discharge the acid mine pit water with a PH value of 2-4. The temperature of the conveying medium must not exceed 80°C.
Flow rate: Q=100 to 515m3/h (GD.MD type)
Q=27~346m3/h(DF.MD type)
Head: H=66~700m (GD.MD type)
H=66~459m(DF.MD type)

This pump is a horizontal single-suction, multi-stage segment centrifugal pump. The inlet is horizontal and the outlet is vertical. Use a penetrating bar to connect the inhalation section, the mid section and the exhalation section together.
The pump rotor is composed of an impeller, a balance plate and other components mounted on a shaft. The entire rotor is supported by two roller bearings mounted on both ends of the pump. Bearings are lubricated with grease. The axial thrust of the rotor is balanced by the balance plate.

Shaft seal:
The shaft has stuffing boxes at both ends and is sealed with a soft packing. Water with a certain pressure enters the stuffing box and acts as a water seal. Replaceable bushings at the shaft seal protect the pump shaft.

The pump is directly driven by the motor through a flexible coupling. See the pump clockwise for rotation from the drive end.

Model Description:

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