AY multi-stage centrifugal pump

AY multi-stage centrifugal pump

Performance Range: Flow (Q): 2.5-600m³h  Head (H): 16-1603m
Medium temperature: below 400 ° C

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AY multi-stage centrifugal pump Details

Performance Range: Flow (Q): 2.5-600m³h  Head (H): 16-1603m
Medium temperature: below 400 ° C


The AYD multi-stage centrifugal oil pump series is based on the AY multi-stage centrifugal oil pump. Learn from domestic and foreign advanced technology to design. Adapted to various processes, it is suitable for petroleum refining industry, petrochemical industry, coal carbon chemical industry, transporting petroleum, refined oil, liquefied petroleum gas and other flammable, explosive or toxic high temperature and high pressure liquids without solid particles.

Performance range:
Flow rate: Q=1~550m3/h
Head: H = 125-2500m
The temperature of the conveyed medium: t=-20°C~+300°C

Model Description:


Pump structure:
The AYD multi-stage centrifugal oil pump is a radially-segmented segmented structure in which the wearer's inhalation section, mid-section and spit-out section are integrated into one. The pump rotor consists of an impeller mounted on a shaft, a balance disc (drum) and other parts. The axial force is balanced by the balance plate or balance drum and thrust bearing. The suction inlet and outlet outlet are arranged according to user requirements.
Bearings: Radial bearings use radial ball bearings or plain bearings, thrust bearings use centripetal thrust ball bearings. Thrust ball bearings are used to balance residual axial forces.
Shaft seal: use packing seal or mechanical seal, according to user needs.
Transmission: The pump is directly driven by the prime mover through the flexible diaphragm coupling, and the pump is rotated counterclockwise from the prime mover.
Piping system: The cooling water is used to cool the shaft seal chamber, bearings or pump brackets according to the medium temperature and the use requirements. The amount of water per pipe is recommended to be 0.2-0.5m3/h and the pressure is 0.2-0.3MPa. Seal flushing differs depending on the operating conditions such as the temperature and pressure of the pump medium. The amount of liquid contained in each pump chamber is shown in the table below (either internal or external).

Sealed name
Diameter (mm)
13~47 48~59 60~84 85~95 96~133
Average closure
Liquid volume (m3/h)
0.18 0.24 0.36 0.48 0.66

The pressure of the sealing liquid is generally higher than the pressure of the sealing chamber by 0.07 to 0.1 MPa. If the transport medium is easily vaporized, it should be higher than the vaporization pressure 0.175 ~ 0.2MPa. The vapor line is provided when the temperature of the medium is lowered to precipitate crystals, and its pressure is about 0.1 MPa.

DY, DYP multi-stage centrifugal oil pump
DY and DYP multi-stage centrifugal oil pumps are high-reliability, high-efficiency products designed with integrated advanced technologies at home and abroad. It is used to transport petroleum and chemical products that are free of solid particles and can also be used to transport other clean liquids. The temperature of the medium does not exceed 200°C.

Performance range:
Flow rate (Q): 7.5-750m3/h
Head (H): 390-2200m
The pump is a single-cascade segmented multi-stage centrifugal pump with inlet and outlet vertical upwards. DYP type pump inlet level, spit out vertically upwards. The pump rotor is supported by plain bearings and lubricated with thin oil. Shaft seals are mechanical seals or packing seals.
Seen from the drive direction, the pump rotates clockwise.




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