Drain pump GSS, N series

Drain pump GSS, N series

Product Name: Drain Pump GSS, N Series
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Drain pump GSS, N series Details

Drain pump GSS series

The GSS type pump is suitable for transporting low pressure heaters of thermal power generating units with hydrophobic or physical and chemical properties similar to water. The use temperature is not higher than 180°C

Performance parameters:
Flow rate: (Q) 7.5-280m3/h
Head: (H)80-330m

The GSS type is a horizontal two-stage supported centrifugal pump. The radial part of the housing is suitable for conveying high-temperature and high-pressure liquids. The shaft seal chamber and the pump cover are cast together, and the packing seal or mechanical seal can be used.
Both ends of the pump are the same size bearing body. The rolling bearing is used. The cooling body is equipped with cooling fins on the bearing body, which can be used for air cooling. It can also be used for fan cooling and water cooling.
It is easy to repair and remove the impeller bearings and shaft seals without dismantling the suction and discharge lines. The use of a more advanced flexible diaphragm type coupling -5 pump shaft for the tapered type, balance operation, easy removal.

Shell ZG230-450
Shaft 42CrMo or 3Cr13
Impeller ZG1Cr13Ni
Shell seal ring 1Cr13MoS
Packing bearing 1Cr13
Mechanical seal sleeve 1Cr18Ni9, 3Cr13
Pump material can be selected according to user requirements


Hydrophobic pump N series

The N-type hydrophobic pump has a smaller NPSH than a normal water pump and is mainly used for the hydrophobic effect of a low-pressure heater for a thermal power plant, and can also be used for the delivery of clear water at temperatures below 105°C. 100N130 and 150N100 pumps can deliver liquids up to 120°C after they have been supplied with cooling water at the packing body and packing gland.

Parameter range:
Flow Q: 18 to 110 m3/h
Head H: 112~170m

The N-type hydrophobic pump is a cantilever single-stage, two-stage horizontal centrifugal pump. The suction inlet is in the axial horizontal direction and the discharge outlet is in the vertical direction. In order to reduce the NPSH, the 150N110, 150N130, 150N150, 150N180 pumps have the induction. wheel.

According to user requirements matching.


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