DSH, GSH process pump

DSH, GSH process pump

Product Name: DSH, GSH Process Pump
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DSH, GSH process pump Details

Application Range

Series DSH pumps are designed for heavy duty, high pressure and high temperature applications in industrial and HPI services. Applications range from light hydrocarbons at low temperatures, to corrosive fluids, coker furnace charge, vacuum bottoms and other services at high temperatures.



  Gas Processing

  thermal power generation


Performance range:

Capacity: 95 to 1740 m3/h  

Head: 38 to 280 m

Working temperature:-45℃ to +450℃

Description of pump type:


DSH — Single stage, double suction, between bearings centrifugal process pump

4 — Discharge nozzle diameter (in)

6 — Suction nozzle diameter (in)

131/— Impeller max. diameter (in)

L — The code of impeller pattern

Design Features:

Series DSH pumps are especially suitable for pumping high temperature high pressure and inflammable,explosive or toxic fluids. Have a radially split case construction. Centerline mounting is utilized to minimize thermally induced misalignment. All sizes are double volute to balance radial force.

Fully confined gaskets betweencase, cover and seal gland plate. Seal chamber designed to accommodate all single,unpressurized and pressurized dual cartridge seal configurations; complies fully with API 682 specification (ISO 21049).

For API 610 compliance, with standard pressure class ratings equivalent to ANSI B16.5 Class300(5MPa).

For higher pressure ratings, side-side suction discharge nozzles and other special applications the DSH is supplemented, which can be modified to suit virtually any application.

Pump Rotation:

Rotation is counterclockwise when viewed from the coupling end.

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