DVS Double Shell Vertical Bag Pump

DVS Double Shell Vertical Bag Pump

Product Name: DVS Double Shell Vertical Bag Pump
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DVS Double Shell Vertical Bag Pump Details


Series DVS of vertical multi-stage pumps are designed for conditions of low suction pressure duties.

The vertical structure is selected to meet low NPSH duty requirement. DVS series of pumps are suitable for handling liquids clean, or with little solids, or slightly contaminated, or low or high temperature, or chemical neutral or corrosive liquids like ethylene, liquid nitrogen, condensate, and oil etc.

Series DVS of pumps are mainly applied in fields of power plant, petrochemicals, oil refineries, coal chemical industries, low temperature duties, condensate transferring, environmental protection, water supply and drainage, water treatment, off-shore petroleum platform, sea water desalination etc.

Series DVS pumps are designed in each specific plans to meet different duties and demands, so as to ensure high efficiency, steady and reliable performance.

Series DVS of pumps are generally used for duties with low NPSH. The pump body is inserted below ground, so the pump length will provide extra NPSH value to avoid damage to the pump due to cavitation happened at impellor suction part.

The space advantage of small installation size of this series of pumps, provides reasonable arrangement for equipment pipe lines.

Series DVS of pumps are specially suitable for low temperature liquid gas transferring. The outer casing may not be needed if the pump is installed to the vessel, or pump suction is connected with pipe line directly. In order to have the pump structure tightly, we use minimum pump length (minimum stages) with accurate calculation, and connect pump to inlet and outlet pipe nozzles.

This series of pumps can be changed structure as per duty demands. The design has obvious advantages for installation, cooling and maintenance. So the overall and professional design principle ensured pumps reliable performance, energy saving and efficient for environmental protection.


Structure features

Series DVS of pumps are vertical multi-stage, radial split, sectional ring type with radial diffuser. The design and manufacturing is according to API610 edition “Centrifugal Pumps for Petroleum, Petrochemical and Natural Gas Industries”. The impellor is single suction radial type, with first impellor generally suction type. Inducer is available if necessary and required.

Series DVS of pumps have structure of multi-supporting points with thin oil lubrication. Auxiliary and monitoring facilities will guarantee safety operation for pumps.

In order to meet duty requirement, each type of pumps are matched with several different advanced hydraulic models and parts for option. Excellent features of low NPSH, high efficiency, no hydraulic radial force etc. is realized.

Series DVS of pumps are designed to bear the suction pressure. The pumps installation depth and pump length depends on NPSH condition.

The axial thrust is balanced through balancing drum. The clearance is automatically adjusted during operation to have satisfactory balancing effect. The residual axial thrust is born by a pair of angular contact bearing with safety and reliable operation.

The bearings are mounted in bearing housing easy for disassembling and maintenance. The seals can be replaced through disassembling the bearing housing only. The advanced oil lubrication is functioned by a rotating lubrication facility independently. The needs of liquid lubricated middle supporting bearings will be determined according to pump length.

The seals system of our DVS series of pumps are strictly confirmed to API682 Pumps-Shaft Sealing System for Centrifugal and Rotary Pumps. The shaft seal is adopted single face and double face with necessary auxiliary piping system for seals. The suction and discharge pipes may be located and arranged with other best type as per installation space, so as to facilitate convenient installation.


Performance range:

Capacity:     6~1600 m3/h  

Head:        ≤ 800 m

Pressure:      ≤ 10.0MPa

Temperature:  -80~250℃


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