Vertical Oblique Pump HB, HK, H Series

Vertical Oblique Pump HB, HK, H Series

Product Name: Vertical Oblique Pump HB, HK, H Series
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Vertical Oblique Pump HB, HK, H Series Details

HB, HK and H type vertical diagonal flow pumps are new varieties developed by our factory with the introduction of foreign advanced technology.
Vertical diagonal flow pump is particularly suitable for power plant circulating pump use, but also can be used for steel, iron works, shipyards and other industrial water sand and urban water supply, salt and brine discharge, drainage and farmland irrigation pump.

Performance range:
Flow rate: Q=0.1 to 17.5m3/h
Head: H = 4~95m

1. Small size, light weight, small footprint, no irrigation before start-up.
2. High efficiency, pump efficiency of 80% -89%.
3. Cavitation performance is good.
4. Safe and reliable, long service life. Suitable for conveying liquids such as clear water and seawater below 55°C. Specially designed pumps can also deliver sewage, brine and liquids up to 85°C.

Model Description:


Types HB, HK and H are single- and double-stage vertical centrifugal or inclined flow impellers with guide vane pumps.
1. Pump connection (see HB, HK, H pump installation drawings). Single basis: Pumps are directly connected and installed on a single foundation. Dual foundation: Pumps are installed on their own basis. The outlet pipe of the pump is above the pump and also under the pump.
2. The suction tank of the pump is a wet pit type: the pump is directly inserted into an open drain (according to the user's needs, it can also be designed as a dry pit type structure).
3. The bearings in the middle of the pump are lubricated rubber bearings, BBF bearings or Thor-don bearings.
4. The shaft of the pump shaft is equipped with a protective tube filled with clean pressure water. To lubricate the bearings. Under special circumstances, oil-lubricated sliding copper alloy bearings, or anti-dry-grind bearings, can be used to lubricate the pump itself.
5. Pumps can be divided into rotors (impellers, shafts, guards, bearings, shaft seals, etc.) and guide vane bodies can be extracted from the double-shell type (see 1400HB, 1600HK, and 1800HK pump structure diagram) and unremovable single-shell structure (See the 2200HB Pump Block Diagram).
6. The axial thrust of the pump is mostly carried by the thrust bearing of the motor. The part pump with a discharge diameter of 350-1000 mm can be designed to withstand the axial force (350-1000 mm HB) by the pump's own thrust bearing. HK, H-type pump structure diagram).

Shaft seal:
The pump is equipped with a stuffing box at the upper end and is sealed with a soft packing: mechanical seals can also be used: or parking seals. The shaft seal is equipped with a replaceable bushing to protect the pump shaft.

The pump is directly driven by the motor via a rigid coupling. Seen from the drive end, the pump rotates clockwise. In general, the pump is allowed to reverse in a short time, and the reverse mechanism can be added when the user does not allow the pump to reverse.

Note: Some pumps use flexible couplings (if the pump itself has a thrust bearing).


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