YNKn-type front pump

YNKn-type front pump

Performance Range: Flow (Q): 400-1400m³h  Head (H): 45-130m
Medium temperature: below 210 ° C

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YNKn-type front pump Details

Performance Range: Flow (Q): 400-1400m³h  Head (H): 45-130m
Medium temperature: below 210 ° C


YNKn, QG type front pump transmission medium is boiler feed water, and can also be used as other clean water pumps. The conveying water temperature is below 210°C. This series of front pump is used for pressure supply of CHTA/HDSr and CHTC high pressure boiler feed pumps, and can also be used independently.
Performance range: flow (Q) 400 ~ 1400m3h
Head (H): 45-130m
The YNKn series front pump is a product manufactured according to the advanced technology of German KSB company. The YNKn and QG pumps are single-stage, double-suction, horizontal scroll pumps. The shells are vertically separated and the thrust bearing balances the remaining forces. In the case where the suction caps at both ends are removed, the rotor can be withdrawn without dismantling the pipes, and the installation is very convenient.
Pump steering: generally clockwise rotation, counterclockwise rotation. A shaft-head oil pump can be fitted as required.

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