Condensate Pump N, NL, NS Series

Condensate Pump N, NL, NS Series

Product Name: Condensate Pump N,NL,NS Series
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Condensate Pump N, NL, NS Series Details

The condensate pump has a smaller NPSH than a typical water pump and is mainly used for the condensing water supply of thermal power plants. It can also be used in places where the medium is similar to condensate water, and the temperature of the liquid to be transported is less than 80°C.

Parameter range:
Flow Q: 8~720m3/h
Head H: 37.7 to 186m

The N-type pump is a cantilever single-stage, two-stage horizontal centrifugal pump. The suction inlet is in the axial direction and the discharge outlet is in the vertical direction. In order to reduce the NPSH, the 6N6 pump has an inducer.
N-type pump rotor bearings are rolling bearings and lubricated with thin oil.
From the direction of the motor, the N-type pump rotates counterclockwise.
The 8NL-12 pump is a vertical, mid-open, inducer, single-stage condensate pump.
The 14NL-14 pump is a vertical, mid-open, inducer, and two-stage condensate pump.
The 16NS165 and 16NS165A pumps are horizontal, mid-open, and three-stage condensate pumps.

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