LDTN type condensate pump

LDTN type condensate pump

Performance Range: Flow (Q): 85-2000m³h  Head (H): 48-360m
Medium temperature: below 80 ° C

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LDTN type condensate pump Details

LDTN and LDTNA and LDTNB condensate pumps are suitable for transporting condensed water from condensers of fire (nuclear) power plants. They can also be used in NPSH or in the installation of chemicals with similar physical properties in the chemical process with limited surface.
Performance range: Flow rate: Q: 85 to 1940m3/h
Head H: 48-360m
Medium temperature t room temperature ~ 80 °C (special requirements can reach 120 °C)

The LDTN, LDTNA, and LDTNB pumps are vertical multi-stage barrel bag structures. The suction and discharge ports are located on the pump's simplified and discharge seats, respectively, and they can be multi-angled by 180°.90°. The impellers are closed. The first stage impeller is single-suction and double-suction. There are two types of balanced axial force, one by the motor to withstand the axial force, and one by the pump itself to balance the axial force.

There are several water-lubricated bearings in the pump to withstand the rotor radial forces. The LDTN(A.B)-P type pump has a balanced drum plus a pair of radial thrust ball bearings to balance the axial force.
Other pumps are subject to axial forces on thrust bearings on the motor.

The inner shaft of the pump rotor is connected by a snap ring type cylindrical coupling. There are two types of connection between the pump rotor and the motor shaft: the motor bears the axial force and is connected with a flanged rigid coupling: the pump balances the axial force. ,Connect with elastic coupling.

Shaft seal:
The shaft seal is a soft packing seal, and it can also be designed as a mechanical seal according to a special order.

Look down counterclockwise.

Auxiliary water system:
Sealing water: The shaft seal needs external sealing water, the water quality is condensate, and the water quantity is 0.3-0.5m3/h. The water pressure is 0.2-0.4MPa, and the water temperature is not more than 38°C.
Cooling water: The water quality is softened industrial water, the water temperature is 0.5m3/h, the water pressure is 0.3MPa: The motor with 560kW or more is equipped with a bearing cooler, it also needs external cooling water, the water quantity is 8~12m3/h, water The pressure is 0.1 to 0.2 MPa.

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