Heat net circulating pump

Heat net circulating pump

Product Name: Heat Pump RW Series
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Heat net circulating pump Details

The RW series heat pump is a new product developed for the thermal network system of thermal power plants. It has good anti-cavitation performance, high temperature resistance, stable and reliable operation, long service life, etc. It is the ideal product of the thermal network system of thermal power generating units. , It can also be used in petrochemical industry, environmental protection projects.

Performance range:
1. The maximum temperature of the conveying medium is 120°C.
2. Traffic: Q=234~2016m3/h
Head: H=65~136m
Seen from the drive end, the pump rotates counterclockwise.

Structural features:
1. The RW heat pump is a horizontal, single-stage, double-suction, horizontal mid-open pump. The suction and discharge pipes are cast together with the lower half of the pump body. The rotor components of the pump can be inspected without having to disassemble the pipes and motors.
2. Shaft seal structure:
a. Flexible graphite composite material for soft packing sealing, heat-resistant temperature up to 400 °C.
b. Mechanical seal friction wear with wear-resistant alloy, and can be reused.
c. The self-rinsing system with air cooling and throttling device effectively guarantees flushing and cooling of the seal.
3. The two ends of the shaft are supported by rolling bearings, and the non-drive ends are two single row radial ball bearings that can balance the unbalanced axial forces caused by non-design point operation or casting deviation. The bearing body has a water-cooled cavity, the surface is cast with heat sinks, water-cooled and naturally cooled, and the oil-immersed, thin oil lubrication ensures that the bearings run reliably and smoothly.
4. The pump body is made of cast iron and cast steel. Stainless steel is used for the impeller and the ring to improve the anti-cavitation performance of the pump.
5. In order to facilitate the update of the old equipment, its performance parameter range, installation size and sh-type remain the same.
From the driving direction, the pump rotates counter-clockwise, and the pump's manufacturing conforms to the AP1610 standard.

Model Description:




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