High-pressure boiler feed pumps DG, CHT series

High-pressure boiler feed pumps DG, CHT series

· DG type high pressure boiler feed pump can be used as high pressure boiler feed water or as other high pressure water pump.
· DG type high-pressure boiler feed pump operating temperature up to 160 °C.
· Flow range: 100~580m3/h
· Total head range: 740~2150m

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High-pressure boiler feed pumps DG, CHT series Details

· DG type high-pressure boiler feed pump is a single-casing segment multi-stage centrifugal pump. The suction inlet and discharge outlet are vertical upwards. The middle section, suction and discharge section are connected into one body with a penetrating bar, and the static seal between each segment is integrated. The surface is sealed with a metal surface and an O-ring is used as an auxiliary seal.
· Forging section, middle section and discharge section of DGB high-pressure boiler feed pump adopt forgings.

Shaft seal:
· The seal of DG type pump is sealed with soft packing and cooled with cooling water.
· Mechanical seals can be used according to user requirements.

Bearings and balancing devices:
· The pump rotor is supported by sliding bearings at both ends of the pump. The bearings are forced to lubricate and the pump itself is equipped with an oil system.
· The axial thrust of the rotor is balanced with a balance plate and has a thrust bearing. Used to withstand residual axial forces due to changes in operating conditions. A return pipe is installed between the balance chamber body and the suction pipe.

· The pump is driven by an electric motor through a flexible coupling. It can also be equipped with a toothed coupling, a diaphragm coupling, and a fluid coupling according to the user's needs. The prime mover can be driven by a small turbine or electric motor.
• The pump rotates clockwise when viewed from the drive.

· Inhalation section, spout section, guide vane, impeller: carbon steel or chrome steel.
Shaft, seal ring, guide vane sleeve: Chrome vanadium steel or chrome steel.

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